Content Camp Review

Content Camp Review for 2022

By Nicholas Papp | March 8, 2022

There are lots of different courses out there on how to write online and website content.  And if you’re looking for a way to accelerate your online content creation, then Jennifer Bourn’s Content Camp Workshops might just be the best choice you can make in 2022.

The online workshop dates for Content Camp 2022 are as follows:

Everything you need to define and clarify your brand message so you can speak powerfully and confidently about what you do and why it matters.

Everything you need to write compelling, persuasive website copy that makes your offers irresistible.

Everything you need to increase website traffic and organic reach with content marketing so you can grow your email list, attract more clients, and make more sales.

Is Content Camp Right for You?

Content Camp is designed specifically for freelancers, solopreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, content creators, bloggers, and side hustlers who want to create the right kind of online content that connects with their audience and converts them into subscribers, clients and customers.

In this current environment, every business needs the best online content for their website, blog, social media or email automations.  But just the thought of creating it all can often be totally overwhelming.

The Content Camp workshops can definitely help.

Whether you’re starting a new website, redesigning an existing site, or helping a client to produce the content for their own website or blog, landing pages, or marketing funnels, Content Camp will provide all the guidance and support you need, without having to hire a copywriter.

It’s important to know that the Content Camp workshops are a lot more than your typical online course.

They are full 3-day workshops, where you can take the time to immerse yourself in refining your brand, your message, and your content.

Content Camp will help you to…

  • Gain Clarity on your Brand Messaging
  • Create Awesome Content for Your Website Project
  • Connect with your Audience and Build Trust
  • Engage and Convert your Audience
  • Create your own Content Marketing Plan 
  • Learn from other Like-Minded Business Owners 

Each of the three-day virtual workshops costs only $299.  And if you go for the three-workshop bundle, you’ll get offers a big savings at $599 (with the opportunity to spread the cost over three payments of only $200). 

That’s a savings of over 30% and like getting one workshop FREE!

It’s certainly affordable and delivers incredible value.

What Can Content Camp Do for You?

Let’s take a closer look at Content Camp and see if it’s worth the investment to join the Content Camp workshops.

The big picture takeaway is that Content Camp will help you create crystal clear messaging and content that will help expand your brand, reach more people, and bring in new subscribers, clients and customers.

Gain Clarity on your Brand Messaging

Content Camp will help you craft your own brand messaging in order to gain clarity on who you’re marketing to, and what you should be saying to them.

In mapping out the buyer journey for your ideal customer, you’ll see what they need to know, what they need to learn, and what they need to feel at each stage of their journey on your website.

This will help you craft compelling headlines, irresistible offers, and dynamic calls-to-action that resonate with your audience and position your services, course, membership, program, or product as the best choice for your ideal clients and customers.

Create Your Own Website Content

With the help of the comprehensive workbook included with each of the workshops (and easily worth the price of admission), you’ll follow Jennifer’s proven method to write the kind of digital content that will attracts clients and delivers results.

Through a series of step-by-step exercises, you’ll produce compelling content (both text and images) for all your key website pages.

You’ll create the all the copy you need for your website’s Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Offer Page, Testimonials Page and Contact/Inquiry Page.

Connect with your Audience and Build Trust

You’ll learn techniques to build a tribe of loyal followers that love your brand and message.

By sharing your message, sharing your story, and sharing what you’re doing, you can invite people to be part of it.

With Content Camp, you’ll craft engaging content about your brand that will position you as authoritative, helpful, and the best solution.

You’ll learn how to outline a website content strategy that ensures better search engine rankings and makes people want to know more and do business with you.

Engage and Convert your Audience

Create interesting content that people actually want and inspire them to take action that engages with you and your brand.

You’ll get proven techniques to gain website visibility and convert more people into subscribers, clients and customers.

Create Your Own Content Marketing Plan 

You’ll learn how to outline a profitable content structure that ensures better search engine rankings and gets you more mileage from your content by using content upgrades, opt-in offers, free downloads, courses, and more.

Create interesting content that people actually want. Inspire them to take action that engages with you and your brand. All without a huge budget. Get proven techniques to gain visibility and convert more people with your content promotion, syndication, and amplification.

Network with Like-Minded Business Owners

Jennifer’s Content Camp workshops are attracting a great crowd willing to help and learn from each other.

Each day, Jennifer offers a live Q&A session.  And participants can get extra tips and takeaways from the daily hot seat and feedback sessions.

You’ll definitely need to block out the three full days on your calendar and tell everyone you’ll be out of the office.  You can use this opportunity to dedicate the time to really focus on your online presence, your brand, and your business success.

And believe me, it’ll be worth it.

If you miss anything, Jennifer has recordings available, for no additional cost.

What are Jennifer’s Workshops Like?

Jennifer has the online training game down. She’s the real deal with real world experience, having been a website agency owner for more than 17 years.

As a former student, I continue to find myself looking forward to her new programs.

Jennifer’s communication style is clear, well-structured, and delivered at a good pace.  And to top it off, it’s actually a lot of fun.  Everyone enjoys many laughs.

And because it’s all live, you can ask questions and get real-time feedback along the way.

Jennifer’s slide decks, workbooks, and templates are also super easy to follow.

If you’d like to check out some of Jennifer’s training, here’s a sample lesson from her blog on Six Tweaks to Improve Your Website Content and Increase Conversions.

Content Camp Review

During the workshops, Jennifer will be joined by three leading experts who will provide valuable viewpoints and support on online content creation.

Chris Lema – A seasoned copywriter, storyteller, and digital growth specialist, Chris has worked with startups, software companies, and others in the WordPress ecosystem since 2005.  Chris knows exactly which words to use to get people to act.  He’s helped countless entrepreneurs with their website copy, speeches, and landing pages.

Sydni Craig-Hart – A seasoned entrepreneur and CEO of an award winning marketing consultancy, Sydni and her team have helped over 8,000 small business with their marketing and pricing to maintain a steady flow of satisfied clients.

Kelly Azevado – An engaging and dynamic speaker, Kelly is an experienced online business strategist and systems expert. For the past 10 years, Kelly has worked with successful online businesses to build powerful business backend systems that deliver long-lasting results.

They are all real pros who will add their own fresh perspectives and insights on successful content that delivers results.

One thing I’d change

Because Jennifer offers Content Camp every year, she is always improving it.  Which means, online access to the training materials ends two weeks after the workshop.

So, be sure to download the comprehensive workbooks, which are all you’ll really need going forward.

The amazing workbooks are full of instructions, frameworks, templates, wireframes, and worksheets – all with easy-to-use prompts, fill in the blanks, and clear building blocks to organize and structure your content like a pro.

While all the workbooks are available in Google Doc/Google Sheet versions, I found it easiest to print out the workbooks, get them bound with a spiral binder at The UPS Store or FedEx Office, and then escape from my computer with a pen/pencil and let my creative juices flow.

The goal of the workbooks is to make sure, as you’re moving through the workshops, that you’re actually building out your messaging and content to immediately apply it in your business.

Is Content Camp worth your money?


You’ll gain incredible clarity on your brand messaging, learn how to connect with your audience and build community, and then engage and convert your audience into customers.  What’s more, you’ll actually create all the key messaging and content you need for your own online projects.  And you’ll enjoy the company of other small business owners or digital creators like you.  

Jennifer is attracting a great community, and these workshops are a great introduction.

With Content Camp online now instead of in-person, many people are taking them multiple times, simply because they get so much out of each edition.

Enrollment is now OPEN.  

Again, the dates are as follows:

These are definitely some of the best programs on content generation out there and I can’t recommend them highly enough – especially the three-workshop bundle with it’s big savings.

Nicholas Papp is the CEO of Click Digital Solutions.  He participated in Jennifer Bourn’s Content Camp Workshops in 2020 and 2021.

Nicholas Papp

Click Digital Solutions