Content Camp Review – Best Content Marketing Workshop for 2021

Content Camp Review

Content Camp Review 

There are lots of different content marketing courses out there. And if you’re looking for a way to produce your online content more easily, then Jennifer Bourn’s Content Camp might just be the best choice you can make.

Content Camp is for solopreneurs, freelancers, or entrepreneurs who want to create the right kind of online content that connects with their audience and drives sales.

In this current environment, every business needs digital content for their website, blog, social media or email automations.  But, just the thought of creating it all can be totally overwhelming.  

Let’s take a look at how Content Camp can help.  This workshop will help you to…

● Gain Clarity on your Brand Messaging
● Connect with your Audience and Build Community
● Engage and Convert your Audience
● Create Your Own Content Marketing Plan
● Learn from other Like-Minded Business Owners

After taking a closer look, I’ll also add one thing I’d change and ultimately, let you know if it’s worth spending your money on this workshop.

Full disclosure, I am an affiliate of Content Camp. However, I’m also a former student and will be giving an honest review. If you’d like to sign up for Content Camp, you can use the link in the description below, and I’ll get a small cut, but you won’t pay any extra.  In fact, I have a coupon code I can share at this link – Content Camp 2021 Coupon Code.

At Click Digital Solutions we only review products and courses that we use, and we wouldn’t promote or talk about Content Camp if we didn’t genuinely believe it was worth your money.

The three-day online Content Camp Workshop costs $97, which means that it super affordable and delivers incredible value – especially when you save an additional 20% with our Coupon Code.

Content Camp Review – Let’s Take a Closer Look

The Content Camp Workshop will help you create a crystal clear content creation and content marketing plan that will outline everything you need to expand your brand, reach more people, generate leads, and bring in new business.

Let’s take a closer look at Content Camp.

Gain Clarity on your Brand Messaging

Content Camp will help you craft your own brand messaging in order to gain clarity on who you’re marketing to, and what you should be saying to them.  

In mapping out the buyer’s journey for your ideal customer, you’ll see what they need to know, what they need to learn, and what they need to feel at each stage of their journey.

This will help you craft compelling headlines, irresistible offers, and dynamic calls-to-action that resonate with your audience

Connect with your Audience and Build Community

Build a tribe of loyal followers that love your brand and message.  Share your message, share your story, share what you’re doing … so that you can invite people to be part of it.

With Content Camp, you’ll craft engaging stories about your brand that position you as authoritative and helpful.

You’ll learn how to outline a profitable content structure that ensures better search engine rankings and gets you more mileage from your content by using content upgrades, opt-in offers, free downloads, courses, and more.

Engage and Convert your Audience

Create interesting content that people actually want.  Inspire them to take action that engages with you and your brand.  All without a huge budget.  Get proven techniques to gain visibility and convert more people with your content promotion, syndication, and amplification.

If you’d like to check out some of Jennifer’s training, here’s a sample video from her blog on Six Tweaks to Improve Your Website Content and Increase Conversions.

Content Camp Review

Create Your Own Content Marketing Plan

With the help of the 200-page workbook included with the workshop (easily worth the price of the whole course), you’ll easily outline a years worth of content that attracts clients and that delivers results. 

You’ll also create your own content marketing reference guide to help in implementing your new content marketing strategy for your business.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a simple, repeatable process to create effective sales content that rivals professional copywriters.

Network with Like-Minded Business Owners

Jennifer’s Content Camp workshops are attracting a great crowd willing to help and learn from each other.  

After each session, Jennifer offers a live Q&A session.  And each day, participants can get extra tips and takeaways from the live hot seat critiques, reviews and coaching.

By the way, don’t forget the Happy Hour on the last day of the workshop!

If you miss anything, Jennifer has recordings available, for no additional cost.

Remember, if you want to sign up for the Content Camp Workshop, be sure to use this coupon code to save 20% at checkout.

One thing I’d change

Because Jennifer offers this workshop a few times a year, she is always improving it.  Which means, online access to the training materials ends a few months after the workshop.   

Be sure to  download the comprehensive workbook, which is all you’ll really need going forward.

The 200-page workbook is full of worksheets and screenshots with prompts, fill in the blanks, and clear building blocks to organize and structure your content. It’s also got frameworks for your stories, and messaging templates where you simply fill in the blanks.

The whole entire goal of the workbook is to make sure that as you’re moving through the workshop, you’re actually building out your content plan to immediately apply it in your business.

Is Content Camp worth your money?


In only three days, you will gain incredible clarity on your brand messaging, learn how to connect with your audience and build community, and to engage and convert your audience. You’ll actually create your own content marketing plan.  And you’ll enjoy the company of other like-minded small business owners.  

Jennifer is attracting a great community, and this workshop is a great introduction.

With Content Camp online instead of in-person, many people are actually taking it multiple times because they get so much out of it.

Remember, if you want to sign up for Content Camp, check out the official Content Camp Workshop website and free to use our 20% coupon code for an additional savings.

Enrollment is now open for the next virtual workshop, which will take place on April 6-8, 2021.


Content Camp Review for 2021

Profitable Project Plan Review for 2021

Profitable Project Plan

Profitable Project Plan Review 2021

Today, I wanted to share with you some important information that I feel can help many creative businesses looking to grow in 2021.

Creative businesses that are the most sucessful with their growth have one thing in common – they put processes and systems into their businesses so their teams can better manage their workloads.  The sales and operations teams have less stress, and more effectively handle bigger workloads as the business begins to grow.  Why?  Because everyone knows what to do and how to do it.

The businesses that put management processes and systems into their operations typically see their revenues increase 10 times or more.

When you have processes and systems in your business workflow, you can basically add another zero onto your fees. It’s as simple as that.  If you charged clients $2,500 in the past, and now you want to start charging $25,000, start putting management processes and systems into your business.

As soon as you start doing that people start taking you more seriously. Does it happen overnight? Obviously not. But it is a gradual process that will scale far quicker than you would think.

This is about playing a bigger game, and it will change the trajectory of your business.

It’s just a fact, bigger clients look to work with bigger and more professional companies. And business processes and systems get you there.

Sadly, many of the business owners who struggle to implement processes and systems into their business tell us it’s just too overwhelming, especially with everything else going on.

They consistently tell me they want help finding a shortcut to the right processes and systems to put into their businesses.

Now I’ve got a solution.  And it’s a good one.

Jennifer Bourn’s Profitable Project Plan

A couple years ago, when I was starting up a web design agency in Houston, Kori Ashton in San Antonio suggested I check out Jennifer Bourn and her course, Profitable Project Plan.

Profitable Project Plan is an online business management training program for designers, developers and agency owners.

But it’s even more than that.

It’s a total turn-key solution that can help creative startups put proven management processes and systems into their sales and business operations in a fraction of the effort and time it would take to do it themselves.

After talking to Kori, I jumped on a webinar with Jennifer Bourn to see if the sample content of her training was any good. I also wanted to see if I could connect with Jennifer, as she conducts all the training herself.

And this is what I found.

To put it succinctly, Jennifer has the online training game down. She’s the real deal with real world experience.  I didn’t hesitate and enrolled the next day.

To be honest, there’s no other sales and operations training this comprehensive.  Jennifer gives you everything you need, which you can fully customize for use in your own business. Everything is done for you, including all the email message text, all the phone call scripts, and all the client downloads and education guides. It’s all copy and paste. This alone saved me a ton of time.

Jennifer’s been training business owners for more than 10 years. She’s absolutely amazing and her students totally love her. Since so many of her students were signing up for not just one, but all of her courses (including me), Jennifer rolled all her training into a new and improved Profitable Project Plan. For 2021, it’s even bigger and better than ever.

The course, which goes for 38 weeks, includes 5 modules:

Sensible Sales – Master Your Critical Money Matters
Client Management – Deliver an Extraordinary Client Experience
Lucrative Leads – Attract All the Amazing Clients You Need
Recurring Revenue – Stabilize Your Monthly Cash Flow
Branding Blueprint – Create Powerful, Profitable Brands

And she’s throwing in even more with the course, including:

• 35 live video trainings
• 35 live Q&A sessions
• 35 student training handbooks
• 1 Contract template, including change orders (customizable to your brand)
• 2 Lead Magnets (customizable to your brand)
• 7+ Phone Call Scripts (customizable to your brand)
• 100+ Email Templates and Swipe Files (customizable to your brand)
• 11 E-books & Educational Guides (customizable to your brand)
• 32+ Checklists
• 50+ Worksheets (with completed examples so you have sample answers)
• 15 Expert Interviews 
• 8 Implementation Weeks (to put the training into place in your business)
• Video & Audio Replays (available on demand)
• Dynamic Facebook Community (which is great)
• 4 Bonus Trainings (4 mini courses also taught by Jennifer)
• Lifetime Access to future course updates

It’s definitely A LOT.  If you’d like to find out the complete details on this training, which starts on January 4, 2021,  Click Here for Full Details on Profitable Project Plan

We’ve even got some coupon codes to SAVE you 20%:
For the Single Payment Option: Use Code SaveOnPPP2021 at this link
For the 10 Payment Option:  Use Code Save20PPP2021 at this link

Who is this training best for?

Since Jennifer runs her own web design agency, Bourn Creative near Sacramento, California, the examples of processes and systems used in the course are mostly for businesses selling websites.

However, the general concepts in the training are not so industry specific. Most businesses need systems for consistent sales, strong contracts, and reliable payments.

Moreover, businesses need systems for client management so the time they spend communicating with clients is high value and strategic rather than low-value and administrative. The key to systems and processes in 2021 is email automation. And her pre-written e-mail automation sequences are a huge bonus.

The lead generation systems in the Lucrative Leads module are critical for any business that wants to get better clients and customers. Who doesn’t need processes for sales messaging, websites that work, lead capture forms, lead management, lead assessment, and both offline and online marketing.

For all businesses looking to grow their cash flow, I absolutely recommend recurring revenue products. Jennifer has a whole module on building a dependable foundation of stable monthly recurring revenue. Woohoo!

Finally, the module on branding is awesome.  Learning about what’s important in a brand, and how to incorporate that into your business is invaluable. Branding is definitely much more than a logo, as this module will reveal.

The pre-written, done-for-you materials can be used exactly as they are or can easily be adapted for use in businesses in other creative industries. 

Part of leveling-up your business is leveling-up your mindset.

If you think like a bigger business, you become a bigger business.

And this training does just that.

And that’s why I’m recommending it to creatives such as web designers, developers, consultants, and agency owners.

What’s it Like to Take this Training?

I found myself looking forward to Jennifer’s live webinars each week. If I was busy, traveling, or just couldn’t make the live session, I caught the video replay, which was posted to the members area of her website the next day.  

I recall I enjoyed it so much, I would tune in to the webinar and listen while I was in my car driving around town. Then I’d watch it again later, sometimes several times.

Jennifer’s communication style was clear, well-structured, and delivered at a good pace. And to top it off, it was fun. We all enjoyed many laughs, which we joked about in the private Facebook group.

Jennifer’s slide decks were also super easy to follow.

Since she’s a designer, the fonts and colors she chose made it all very easy to digest. 

If you’d like to check out one of Jennifer’s lessons, here’s some sample content from her blog – a video lesson and an email script template on Welcoming New Clients to Your Business.

And here’s a sample of one of her pre-written emails included in the course, all set to go into an email automation provider like MailChimp, Convertkit, or Active Campaign (which is the one I use).

Is the course Live or Recorded?

Since this online course is live each week, the content is dripped, or released each week.

However, the first week, Jennifer gives each student a huge master handbook that contains all the materials for the course in pdf format. It’s hundreds of pages, and it’s a great reference, especially if you want to see what’s coming up.

Then each week, Jennifer releases the specific materials for each lesson, in various file formats you can customize for your brand. 

Getting Answers to Your Questions

Each week, Jennifer has a Q&A session immediately following her presentation.

This is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Again, it’s live and Jennifer sticks around to make sure every single question is answered.

I’ve taken other online courses and it was so obvious the instructor was cherry-picking and only answering the questions they wanted to. Some of the students even complained why they were being ignored.

It’s totally different with Jennifer.  It doesn’t matter what the question is. Jennifer takes it. And she does it with authority and a friendly, supportive smile. I had a lot of questions and really felt like I was a valued member of her program. I can’t express enough how much I appreciated this.

If I came up with a question after the webinar, I just popped it into the Facebook group and got a comprehensive response within 24 hours as Jennifer checks it once or twice every day. Sometimes the other students helped out too, which was nice.

This past year, I also noticed a strong camaraderie amongst the group.  As people became more familiar with each other, they were also sharing opportunities for work. 

Course Documentation

The documentation and resources provided with this course are nothing less than amazing.

In fact, I found them all to be a gold mine.

Jennifer breaks everything down step-by-step into an order of priorities so you can concentrate on exactly what to do. Her framework diagrams or flowcharts make it so easy to implement everything into your own business.

And the swipe files she provides are truly cut and paste. And there are no copyright concerns as long as you use the materials in your own business.

No need to draft your contract and change order documents. Just modify the file she gives you. Same goes for the pre-written emails, her discovery questionnaire, phone scripts, client education guides, and many more.

What You Need to Know

While Jennifer Bourn certainly saves you a ton of time with all the pre-written emails, phone scripts, and other documents, you’ll probably want to customize them to the brand and tone of your business.

I would be prepared to dedicate about 3-5 hours per week to taking the course and implementing the systems. It’s only about one hour per day.

You will definitely need to sign up for an email automation service to handle the email automation sequences that automate the sales and operations processes.

I found this to be an excellent project for an intern or a virtual assistant. I didn’t even have to train them myself. They just watched the replay of the training to find out what to do, and then start setting it up.

If they had questions, we could post them to the Facebook group or just ask Jennifer directly during the many Q&A session.

This course provides a ton of material. I would suggest downloading all the resource files every week so you can have them handy for reference and implementation into your business.

The Importance of Processes and Systems for Your Business

In closing, as I mentioned at the outset, the creative businesses I see that are most successful with their business development and growth all have processes and systems in place.

Processes and systems will 10X your revenue.

Like Jennifer says, Profitable Project Plan is designed to improve communication, reduce project management time, create better margins, and boost profitability — all without stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty.

It gives you turn-key, battle-tested, done-for-you systems you can add to your business right away — systems for estimating and getting paid, client management, establishing expert positioning, generating quality leads and referrals, establishing and building recurring revenue, and increasing client value through additional services.

Whether you’re just starting out, taking your side-gig full-time, or finally doubling-down to grow your thriving business, Profitable Project Plan will save you years of expensive trial and error and fast-track the up-leveling of your business.

I highly recommend you find out more about Profitable Project Plan and consider joining the course for 2021, Click Here for Full Details on Profitable Project Plan  

….AND DON’T FORGET TO SAVE an extra 20% with our exclusive coupon codes:
-For the Single Payment Option: Use Code SaveOnPPP2021 at this link
-For the 10 Payment Option:  Use Code Save20PPP2021 at this link